Why #AirdrieWingNight?

Well, there are a few answers to that.

A) I haven’t posted on the site in over a year. Needed something to restart my passion for content creation. My new job helps in that regard, but I needed something for myself.

B) “Let’s go for wings” is starting to become common in my life. Hot wings are something I avoided up until around Christmas. Now, bring on the (moderate) heat.

C) I’ve heard so many people in Airdrie talk about going for wings, or asking who has “wing night?” and not really having a compiled list available. I’m sure if I put some effort into it I could find some non-local site that has some sort of not updated list. I don’t think that makes sense.

D) I want a challenge that could change daily.

E) Last, but not least, I want you to come to my site. Come for the wing night info, stay for the rest of the content. Not going to lie here. Now, the challenge is to keep up with more content outside of chicken.

So thank you for coming here. Thank you for reading this post if you came from a wing night link. Start using #AirdrieWingNight when you’re out, and taking pictures of the wings you’re about to devour. I hope to provide more enjoyable content as time goes on.

And the #AirdrieWingNight page will grow organically. I already have plans for the page, and something I’m planning to keep the page lively. I hope you stick around to see what is coming next.