Who has wing night in Airdrie?

“Who has wing night tonight?” is one of the most common questions asked in Airdrie.

An information collection of restaurants in Airdrie that offer wing night. To find out why I created this page, CLICK HERE.

All info will be unconfirmed until confirmed by restaurant. Safe to assume “Dine in Only”.

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Bambino’s Pub
WED | $5.25/lb
Suicide, Cajun Butter, Lemon Pepper, Honey Garlic, Honey Hot, Bold BBQ, Mild, Medium, Buffalo Ranch, Sriracha Buffalo, Honey Sriracha, Hot, X Hot, Teriyaki, Spicy Teriyaki, Hot Parm, Garlic Parm, Sweet Chili, Caribbean Jerk, Dill Pickle, Maple Chili, Coconut Lime, Hot Ceaser, Hot Greek, Greek Butter, Maple Bacon Rub, Mango Habanero, Whisky BBQ, Root Beer BBQ, Salt & Pepper, Seasoning Salt, All Dressed

Bogey’s Pub
WED | $5.95/lb
Bogey’s Bourbon Sauce, Mild Buffalo, Cajun Spice, Hot, Spicy Parmesan, Teriyaki, Barbecue, Honey Garlic, Honey Hot, Salt & Pepper, Jamaican Jerk, Thai Peanut, Lemon Pepper, Caribbean Spice, Mango Habanero, Maple Bacon Spice

Boston Pizza
WED | 50% off | Fried or Oven Roasted (Gluten Free Option Available)
Hot, Mild, Thai, Salt & Pepper, Memphis Hot, Naked, BBQ, Honey Garlic

TUE | $0.45
Buffalo BBQ, Honey Garlic, Salt & Pepper, Sweet Chili, Oilberta Beer BBQ, Cajun Dry Rub, Hot, Sriracha Dry Rub

Champions Lounge
WED | $8.50/lb
Salt & Pepper, Lemon Pepper, Sweet Chilli, Hot, Medium, Mild, Teriyaki, Honey Garlic

Legends Lounge (Smitty’s)
TUE, WED | $0.55 | Drink purchased required | Lounge Side Only
Wet: Hot, Medium, Mild, Teriyaki, Hot Parmesan, Teri-Hot, Buffalo, Honey Hot, Ceasar Hot, BBQ, Honey Garlic, Szechwan, Sweet Chili, Sweet & Sour, Ghost Pepper, Caribbean Jerk, Thai Sweet & Spicy, Maple Chili, Pineapple Curry
Dry: Cajun, Sriracha, Mango Habanero, Maple Bacon, Hot Parmesan Baked, Lemon Pepper, Buffalo, Salt & Pepper, BBQ, Dill Pickle

Original Joe’s
TUE | $0.49 | 10 minimum
BBQ, Honey Garlic, Teriyaki, Salt & Pepper, Greek, Sweet Chili, Salt & Vinegar, Dill Pickle, Lemon Pepper, Cajun, Caribbean Jerk, Hot, Industrial Strength

State & Main
WED | $0.49 | 10 minimum
Buffalo, Hot, Salt & Pepper, BBQ, Teriyaki, Gochujang

Toad & Turtle
WED | $5.95/lb | Minimum Drink Purchase
SUN | $16/lb | 2 for 1 Appetizer Night
Dry Rub: Chipotle Mango, Dill Pickle, Dry BBQ, Jalapeño Cheddar, Lemon Pepper, Salt ‘n’ Pepper, Salt ‘n’ Vinegar, Sweet Mesquite, Maple Bacon, Turtle Dust
Saucy: BBQ, Feature Flavor of the Week, Garlic Parmesan, Honey Garlic, Mild, Medium, Hot, XXX Suicide, Honey Sriracha, Honey Hot, Hot Ranch, Mild Ranch, Hot Caesar, Mild Caesar

Cowboys Taphouse – WED, SAT, SUN | $0.20 (unconfirmed)
Canadian Brewhouse –
Main Street BBQ – WED (unconfirmed)
Montana’s – MON | 50% off (Expected to be open by Feb 18)
Paul’s Pizza –
Pizza Hut –
Ricky’s –
Tap and Vine – TUE | $0.49 (unconfirmed)

Those who sell wings, but don’t have a specific “Wing Night”:

Mr. Mikes
$13.99 | Intrepid-red wing sauce, Salt & Pepper or Honey Garlic

Pasta La Vista
$12 | Salt & Pepper, Franks Hot, Mild Garlic Lemon Pepper, Hickory BBQ, Greek Style, Cajun, Buffalo Ranch

Woodside Golf Course
$13/lb | Open seasonally, Friday 5p – 9p. (Hours to change during golf season)
Hot, Honey Garlic, Salt & Pepper, Jamaican Jerk, Teriyaki

Overtime Lounge –

Those who don’t have wings on their menu:

Abe’s – Dumplings are on special Wednesdays for $1.
Hayloft – As awesome as they are, they do not have wings on their menu.

Those that sadly closed since the list’s creation:

First & Vine – March 2019.
Peppercorns – May 2019.

If you have info on the subject, send me an email at info at rob-jamieson.ca. Would love to complete the list with all restaurants and their Wing Night details.

This page was inspired by Crackmacs and their page for Wing Night in Calgary. Take a look, just in case you find yourself in the big city.